The growing chemistry between Focor and Textile Industry

The Focor constantly seeks to surprise and thrill the stylist for innovation in products and finishings.


Among the recently launched products stand out an innovative softener (Indimina HID Ultra) and high efficiency polymer (Indipon ECO-SB).


The latest addition to Focor’s range is a bleaching agent (VISCOBLEACH), capable of unique performances, to viscose and linen.


This agent suitable for low temperature processes, provides superior bleaching and ensures the elimination of sulphur residues resulting of the viscose production process.

Indimina HID Ultra is a softener capable of revolutionizing the performance of textiles such as touch, appearance and instant hydrophility. Provided with extra-absorbent properties, gives an excellent touch, volume and resilience, faster drying.


The Indipon ECO-SB is a soaping agent, of high efficiency to remove excess dye that did not react with the fiber, even at low temperatures, saving energy and washing water.
It is able to ensure good fastness results and minimize harmful effects on the environment.