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Plastics Department

The Plastics Department is responsible for the distribution of chemicals used in the plastics industry, such as:

  • Pigments and masterbatches;
  • Lubricants and stabilizers for PVC;
  • Special additives for plastics.


All our products meet very high quality requirements and are produced by some of the best chemical manufacturers in the world. We have our own team of technical specialists prepared to give an effective technical assistance to customers in order to find the best solutions at the lowest cost.

Furthermore, we are equipped to produce small quantities of pigments and master batches for special requirements, as well as colour matching.


Our products are used in very different applications in the field of plastic materials, such as:

  • Production of raffia and PP multifilament’s;
  • Film, packaging and PE monofilaments;
  • Pipes, rigid profiles, bottles and PVC cables;
  • Injection and extrusion of technical parts.


We have also different types of additives in our range, such as flame retardants, various antioxidants, antistatic and others.