“We are what we think” therefore we pay special attention to our employees’ human potential through a commitment to training, creativity and innovation”


So, our goal is the constant search for EXCELLENCE in the global service we provide to our customer.

Because we believe that “if we continue operating like we always have, we will get what we always got”, we recognise that progress is only achieved by continuous improvement.



  • A flexible structure, capable of responding efficiently to our Clients present and future needs.
  • Particular attention to our staff training in order assure a constant motivation towards Quality.
  • An approach to our Clients, which continuously seeks to identify and fully meet their needs.
  • A never ending search for new methods of “doing right at the first time”, leading to the required quality at the lowest cost.


Environmental Policy

Since we don’t want merely to “comply with legislation”, and believe that responsibility for a “healthier” environment concerns us all, we have implemented an Environmental Management System concerning our chemical branch.

We are in the process of continuously searching ways to achieve “cleaner” production, by using our R&D department in partnerships with technological centres, both national and foreign.


This way we intend to set an example to our communities, which are more and more concerned with the environment.